SVS – Share Via SMS – A Game Changer in Market

Share Via SMS (SVS) is a dedicated messaging app developed by Pakistani App Developer that lets you text, share images and voice messages using simple SMS. SVS uses trademark technology to package large files into chunks of SMS for optimum file transfer speed. With SVS, you no longer need the internet to share your stuff.

SVS sends pictures and audio through your GSM network so you will not have to use the internet.

SVS is a complete replacement for your current SMS app.


1. No internet required:
Its the dedicated picture sms app that allows you not worry about connecting to a data package.svs 1

2. Dual SIM:
Support for 3000+ Dual SIM devices (android 5.1+) and growing.

3. Localized Stickers:
Say less with words and more with images and make your conversations more engaging. Local stickers for the Urdu speaking population of the world.

4. Offline location sharing:
Got lost in in your city? No issues. Our app lets you tell where you are. When you are offline it will share your GPS coordinates and it can even show you a map of your location.offline location shareing - svs

4. Material Themes:
Differentiate your app from your friends. Customize the look of the app using material design colors.customization - svs

5. Material Design:
Be delighted! SVS is inspired by Google’s Material Design.The animations, transitions and other subtle details have all been optimized to run smoothly on all Lollipop devices.

6. Real time push notifications:
Gorgeous looking material messaging features an fluid interface that is simple, intuitive and vibrant.

7. SMS lists:
Great for mass texting. Track your conversation and engage with multiple contacts simultaneously.

8. 24/7, Everywhere service:
Your messages, pictures and audio can now reach your recipients anytime, anywhere.

9. No battery drain:
Behind the scene optimizations ensure friendly battery life! SVS is lightweight.


The only drawback is that it consumes so much of text messages, if you increase the image quality to maximum it consumes about 200 texts, but for Pakistani user its not a big deal.

Recommended for use with your service provider’s/carrier’s bulk SMS packages.

DOWNLAOD NOW from Google Play Store.


SVS is made with love in Pakistan. Try it and share it with your friends!

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