Lenovo S860 – 4.0 inch Active Smartphone
Lenovo recently launched A369i, a unique model adequately enriching a wide range of features and elegant design. This smart phone Lenovo A369i is made to work with two SIM-cards that will further increase your chances of communication. Lenovo’s A369i is based on dual-core MTK 6572W processor with a frequency of 1.3 GHz and has 512 GB of RAM, which allows Lenovo A369i’s smartphone to respond quickly to user commands, no matter if your are playing games or entertaining yourself with youtube videos.

install stock rom in lenovo a369i

  • Stock firmware Lenovo A369i_ROW_S108_130929.
  • That RAR file will contain 3 folders – namely:
    » Lenovo A369i_ driver file
    » Lenovo A369i_Software Upgrate Tool
    » Target_bin.
  • Extract all of them.


  • The first thing we a gonna do is to install USB drivers your LENOVO. So, REMOVE BATTERY of phone.
  • Open Device Manager.
  • Expand Ports (COM & LPT).
  • Plug in USB cable. And quickly look for a device which has a name of Preloader that will be installing, but Windows could not find its driver.
    ♦ For just….. like 3 seconds from the moment you plug in USB cable to the phone, it will be gone. So, you need to be fast.
  • Before it will be gone, right click it and click Update Driver.
  • Choose manually install driver and point it to the directory folder Lenovo A369i_ driver file.
  • Now, you will have MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM Port.
  • Next is the Software Upgrade Tool. Open the folder Lenovo A369i_Software Upgrate Tool and run Flash_tool.exe
  • Click File ⇒ Open Scatter-loading File… ⇒ browse to the folder Target_bin and click the file MT6572_Android_scatter.txt
  • Check the box DA DL All With Check.
  • Unplug USB cable.
  • Plug it again and after 1.5 sec (again you need to be fast), click Download.
  • If you did it right it will start downloading files into phone. This will let us avoid future errors like error in partition in SDCARD.
  • Wait for the GREEN CIRCLE to pop out.
  • After that, uncheck the box DA DL All With Check.
  • Unplug USB cable, then plug it again, for 1.5 sec click Firmware ⇒ Upgrade button.
  • Wait for it, it will take time. Even if it shows 0% it is still working its magic.
  • You just need to wait for the GREEN CIRCLE to pop out.
  • After that, unplug USB cable.
  • Put battery on.
  • Turn on phone.
  • Wait for it to Boot on, BOOM BOOM!

So, this was a simple tutorial on HOW TO INSTALL STOCK ROM IN LENOVO A369i.



Stay tuned for more updates!

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