Stock rom for Huawei U625 – Smartphone can be so much fun. HUAWEI is bringing Y625 to Pakistan to confirm that as it is an absolute master of fun and you will certainly enjoy using it. Because with the 8.0 megapixel camera of Huawei Y625 that also has an autofocus and LED flash that helps you succeed by capturing some quite excellent quality photos. To be completely blown away, watch videos on Huawei’s Y625, work with apps or surf the Web. Providing neat computing power, the powerful quad-core processor makes it seem like a piece of cake.

stock rom for huawei y625



  • Mobile HUAWEI Y625-U32.
  • Android Version 4.4.2.
  • Unicom version: Y625-U32V100R001C567B105.
  • Gapps include.
  • No Rooted.
  • Language support: Multilang.

CLICK HERE To Download Stock Rom for Huawei Y625-U32.



stock rom for huawei y625



  • Prepare an SD card, it is recommended to use Sandisk, Kingstone or Kingmax, size is recommended that more than 1Gb.
  • Formatting SD card (optional).
  • Download and Extract the UPDATE.APP file from the downloaded firmware package.
  • Copy  the “dload” folder to the external SD card’s root directory
  • Reboot your phone while holding Vol Up + Vol Down + Power buttons to upgrade through automatic SD updater.
  • Wait until the process finished.
  • Now your have successfully installed stock rom in your Huawei.


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