HTC Amaze 4G – Upping The Ante.

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If you have an S-ON HTC Amaze running a custom recovery and ROM, then you might run into some trouble when attempting to revert your HTC Amaze to entirely stock, factory configuration. Most of the information available online is either incomplete or entirely incorrect. As such, I thought that it might be helpful to list the steps I needed to complete before I could successfully rollback my HTC Amaze and use HTC’s official ICS update. The software mentioned in this guide is Windows specific.

Download and install the HTC Drivers from here.

  •  Download the “HTC Amaze 4G All-In-One Toolkit V3.2” from here. Launch the application and run the “Mainver Error Fix” – this will allow you to downgrade. Next, use the “Relock Bootloader” command; you will not be able to downgrade unless you run this step. Be sure, if you have SuperCID, to revert that as well (you will know if you configured SuperCID or not).

Download the stock system image and prepare for Installation :

  •” from here. I suggest using “” to speed up the download.
  •  Rename the file to “” and place it in the root of your SD card (it will not be read from your internal memory, you must use an SD card).



  •  Turn off your device and remove the battery. Reinsert the battery and simultaneously hold the volume down and power buttons (to boot fastboot).
  • Fastboot will detect the image file on your external storage. After it completes loading, accept the “update” – this will revert you to stock (including recovery and radio).
  •  Now, after the process completes, you will be able to run the “HTC Software” OTA update for ICS

So, this was a simple tutorial on HOW TO INSTALL  STOCK ROM IN HTC AMAZE 4G.

If you have any questions, simply contact us.