List of Websites to Download Cracked iPAS for iOS

Last month Installous parent company shuts down, and it was a big downfall for iOS jailbroken community. People started looking for alternative, and in surprising event Installous got an update from 3rd party Cydia resources, and now it could be use to install cracked iPAS. If not, there are many other alternative like Appcacke and iFunbox. I have tried Appcake earlier, and I still miss Installous a lot.

Anyways, shutting down of installous will not stop jailbroken community, and meanwhile Apple figure out the legality and illegality of cracked iPAS. Here are few websites to download apps. These websites will let you  download cracked iPad apps or iOS apps, and you can use Appsync or any other apps, which will let you installed these downloaded iPAS file.

Websites to Download Cracked iPAS for iOS



iPhoneCake is one of the first pick in this list. My earlier choice was Apptracker, but with hackulous, Apptrackr also shuts down. At iPhonecake, you can download IPAS for all popular apps, and ipas for Cydia apps. Files are usually stored on free file sharing sites, and you can download them with few clicks. You can stay tuned for next article on how to sync downloaded cracked .ipas file with jalbroken iOS device. <Link>


iApplication name

iApplications is a russin site to download pirated app for iPad and iPhone. You will be needing an online translator service like Google translate to use this site. Though in 2013, this site has not been updated much. Anyhow, another good site to download cracked apps. <Link>


iPhone which is popularly known as earlier. It;s another useful website to download apps for free. You can check out iPhone here. cracked iPas

This is my favourite one in this list. You will find all cracked iPas of latest apps, and hosted on multiple file sharing site. If you are looking for best website to download apps for free, should be a good choice. <Link>

These are just few of the websites, which you need for your jailbroken iOS device. One thing which you should know, most of these sites are full of ads, and not well maintained. I guess a little inconvenience you won’t mind for getting paid iOS apps for free. If you need more sites, you can also check out iDownloads and 51iPa.

Go ahead and download iPas for the Apps you wish to install on your iOS device. In next tutorial, I will share how to installed these downloaded cracked .ipas file. Do let me know which is your favorite site to download apps for your jailbroken iOS device?

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