Unlocking the bootloader of HTC ONE M9 enables you to install custom roms, gaining root access, adding custom kernels, overclocking the CPU, removing bloatware,making Nandroid backups and lot more.

So, are you ready to unlock the bootloader of your HTC One M9? If you are, before doing anything else, read all the lines from this guide very carefully. Do that because this process is custom, complex and also risky.

NOTE: Unlock bootloader will also void your device warranty.


  • Backup all of your data. Unlocking bootaloder will factory restore your HTC ONE M9.
  • On your phone access Menu and head towards Settings. From there tap on Battery and uncheck the Fastboot option.
  • Download HTC SYNC, this will install latest USB drivers.
  • Download Minimal ADB and FASTBOOT.


  1. Download and install HTC SYNC.
  2. Download and install Minimal ADB and FATBOOT in C drive.
  3. Go to HTC Dev webiste and create your own account with following screen prompts.
  4. Confirm this registration with your email address.
  5. Now go to HTC dev and login with your recent credentials used for creating account.
  6. From that page select “Unlock bootloader” option and click on “Get Started”.
  7. Turn OFF your HTC ONE M9 and wait for few seconds.
  8. Now reboot it into bootloader mode.

    Hold the Volume Down + Power keys until you see the message  *** LOCKED *** on top of the display. Press the Volume Down key to highlight ‘FASTBOOT’, and press the power button to select it. Now, connect the M9 to your PC. The text on the screen chould change to ‘FASTBOOT USB’. This means the USB drivers are properly installed and we’re ready to proceed.

  9. On your computer navigate towards the folder where you installed adb and fastboot; there open a command prompt window, to do so, press and hold Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space.
  10. On the cmd window type the following command:
    fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  11. A long text of token will be displayed on the cmd window. Select and copy this token: right click on an empty space and select Mark. Now, highlight the block of text starting from <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> and ending with <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>> and right-click to copy.
  12. Now on your computer access this page.
  13. On the bottom of that page you will have the “My device identifier token” option; copy-paste your token there; click on “submit” when ready.
  14. Now, HTC will email you your own Unlock_code.bin package; download this package and transfer it to the same folder as Android SDK and Fastboot.
  15. Close the cmd window, wait a few seconds and then reopen it.
  16. In the new cmd window, type the following command:
    fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  17. If an alert will be displayed on your HTC One M9, agree with the same and resume the unlock process.
  18. Wait while the process is being completed; in the end, you can remove the USB cord – then reboot into bootloader mode and check if the “Unlocked” message is being displayed at the top of the screen.

Now you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your HTC ONE M9.


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