How To Track Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend’s Phone

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Are you having a Girlfriend or Boyfriend ? Want to track your Girlfriend/Boyfriend’s Phone ? If yes then you will get a perfect solution for Tracking your loved one’s phone here. If you think He/She is cheating with you or want to track her for her safety purpose this guide will help you for sure. You can track anybody’s smartphone using this guide and also you can track stolen phone too. While tracking you can also chat with him/her and these all things are for FREE ! Let’s start the guide.

How To Track Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend’s Phone

Track your Girlfriend/Boyfriend’s Phone

Procedure To Track Your Boyfriend/Girlfriends Phone :

  • Download Life360 – Family Locator to Your Android or iOS Smartphone its a Free application.
  • Open Life 360 app after installation get completed.
  • Now Sign Up to Life 360 app it requires your mobile number and email.
  • Once you done with the sign up Invite Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend or Anybody whom you want track or Ask Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend to Install Life 360 app to his/her phone.
  • For this you’ve to convince person whom you want to track, you can give safety purpose reason to her/him or anything else better.
  • Then follow above same steps to Install Life 360 to his/her phone.
    Once you both successfully installed Life 360 app then You both can track eachother using GPS.
  • life360-track-mapThat’s it You’re done ! Now feel safe with your loved one, and Stay secure.





  • Internet connection is required to both devices to run this application.
  • You can track your stolen phone with life 360.
  • You have to convince your partner for installing Life 360 app to his/her phone. 😛
  • Your partner also can track you anytime 😛



Conclusion :

You can use life 360 app to track your Girlfriend / Boyfriend to know where is he/she at any time, It is good to use this app for safely purpose. You can also track stolen phone using this app, So finally there is a PROS and CONS of this apps but all over this is a good method to track your Smartphone.


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