LG G2 is a powerful phone that can easily compete with the Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z or HTC One. If you own the LG G2 and want to use your new smartphone on full power without dealing with factory restrictions, use this guide and learn how to root lg g2.

So, if you are ready to take your phone to a higher level of performance, then complete this step by step guide. Also, stick to the guidelines from below and don’t complete things by yourselves; else you can mess things up and you can also end up in bricking your new LG G2.

NOTE: Be careful though as the present root solution can be applied only for the Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T model of the LG G2. Also, the steps from below are compatible with the Korean version of the smartphone (regardless the carrier you are on), so don’t use the present tutorial if you have a different variant than the ones mentioned above.

Gaining root access is an operation that must be completed for both high end and low end Android based handsets. Why? Well, easily, by rooting you are gaining access to the internal system of your device. After gaining root access, on your LG G2 you will be able to improve the performances, bump the speeds and upgrade the battery life. In a few words, on an unchained system you can apply custom ROMs (like CM10.2, ParanoidAndroid or AOKP), install custom kernels, flash custom recovery images, overclock the CPU and so on. As you can see, if you are an advanced Android user, root access is not an option for you.


  • Install ADB.
  • Download USB Drivers for Verizon LG G2.
  • Download USB Drivers for AT&T, T-MOBILE & KOREAN LG G2.
  • Download VROOT. -Use google translate if you are unable to understand Chinese. Direct Link.
  • Backup you data.
  • On the computer deactivate the security options and protection like antivirus and Firewall protection.
  • Enable USB debugging, Settings > Applications > Development -> Enable USB Debugging.


  1. Download the LG G2 drivers on the computer.
  2. Install the drivers.
  3. Connect your handset with the computer via USB cable.
  4. On the computer go to the Fastboot folder and there open a command prompt window.
    Press and hold Shift button > Right Click Mouse button > Open Command Window Here.
  5. On the cmd window enter: “adb devices”.
  6. The serial number of your LG G2 will be provided.
  7. Good, now on your computer download the Vroot app – link is given above.
  8. Launch the app and follow the on screen prompts in order to root your Verizon LG G2.
  9. In the end a pop up window will be displayed showing the model number of the phone LG-D800 and a check mark.
  10. Notice the button on the bottom right, it says ROOT with some chinese lettering – click it.
  11. Download the Superuser by Clock Work Mod app from the PlayStore and accept all the pop ups from the Superuser tool.


  1. Download the LG G2 drivers on your computer from here.
  2. Install the drivers.
  3. Connect your handset with the computer via USB cable.
  4. On the PC open a command prompt window and on the same enter “adb”.
  5. If ADB is working the serial number of your LG G2 will be displayed.
  6. Download the root package from here and save it on your computer.
  7. Install the root app and follow the on screen prompts for rooting your device.
  8. Notice the button on the bottom right (on the window that will be displayed), it says ROOT with some chinese lettering – click on that button.
  9. The phone will now reboot.
  10. Up next, go to Google Play and download and install Superuser app.

So, good job guys, you have successfully rooted your LG G2 (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Korean versions of the device). Congratulations, you have applied the step by step guide; use the comments area from below and share your experience with us and with other users that might want to complete this tutorial.



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