What Does Rooting HTC Explorer Mean ?

Well Rooting is actually gaining super user access to your phone applying few apps that have a lot of customization and need root access. Using a rooted android gives a very different experience than using a stock android as we can change everything onto the system, like a few battery saver apps work brilliant on rooted phone while Apps like SetCPU can increase or decrease the clock rate of your processor, also RAM expander can use your sd-card as your RAM. This will of course increase playing HD games and heavy applications. While increasing the clock rate or overclocking HTC Explorer  will increase multitasking to a well damn great extent.

How to Root HTC Explorer Pico ?

  1. Unlock bootloader of your HTC explorer
  2. Flashing a Custom Recovery over your HTC Explorer
  3. Download SuperUser.Zip File from this link.
  4. Put SuperUser.Zip in your sdcard.
  5. Reboot your phone into the bootloader mode by pressing and holding Volume DOWN+Power buttons simultaneously.HOW TO ROOT HTC EXPLORER
  6. Click Recovery using volume down button and then press  power button to OK.HOW TO ROOT HTC EXPLORER
  7. Now you are in recovery mode.
  8. Navigate to “Install/Choose Zip from Sdcard” and install this zip file.HOW TO ROOT HTC EXPLORER
  9. Select SuperUser.Zip and flash it.
  10. Now you have rooted device.

I suppose/hope you have completed the steps successfully.

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