How to Increase Android’s Internal Memory

Many smartphones launched before 2014 has low internal memory between 90Mb to 256Mb, as compared to recent one. Android user was restricted to install only some applications due to low memory.

ModifyAndroid explains how you can increase internal memory of android by installing apps in sdcard.


  • Backup Sdcard, because its gonna formatted.
  • Rooted device – find your device in this link for rooting
  • Sdcard – 4GB or above – recommended
  • Link2Sd – download from PlayStore, but after rooting process
  • MiniTool Partation – get if from here
  • Card Reader


  1. First of all root your device, for gaining full control over android.
  2. Partition SDcard using minitool partition,
    Step 1: Install minitool partition in your PC.
    Step 2: 
    Take SDcard out of your device Insert into Card Reader and connect with PC.
    Step 3: Launch minitool partition software.
    Step 4: Right click on SDcard and FORMAT it.
    Step 5: 
    Again right click on SDcard and click Move/Resize option.
    Step 6: 
    New window will pop-up, now select the desired size of SDcard’s 2nd partition (preferably 1GB – select as you wish), then press OK.
    Step 7 : 
    Now you see a new Unallocated Space is created, right click on that drive and click CREATE.
    Step 8: 
    Now leave all options unchanged except format, set it to FAT32.
    Step 9:
    Click Apply on upper right corner. 
  3. Disconnect the SDcard from PC and insert in you device.
  4. Install Link2sd and execute it.
  5. It will prompt for Superuser access, GRANT it.
  6. Now select the format FAT32.
  7. Now it will ask you to reboot your phone. Press OK. (If this does’nt work, repeat process, when ask for reboot, take out battery and re-insert, and turn it ON).
  8. After the Reboot, your phone is ready to transfer Apps in to SDcard.
  9. Go to the App and select the filter option and select the Filter as On internal.
  10. Press Menu > Multi-select and press Select all. Then select the Action button and press CREATE link.
  11. Select all the three options given in the next screen and press OK.
  12. (Optional Step) Go and watch Afridi sixers and the App will do the rest.

If you want video tutorial, click this. (ModifyAndroid does’nt own this video)

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