Welcome to ModifyAndroid! I’m Omar Shah and I started this site back in 2015 as a place to talk about one of my passions: technology.

After always being the person all my friends and family came to for help with their tech (see: resident nerd) and realizing how much I loved helping others learn new things about their technology, I started writing tutorials on here hoping that it might help others who also needed some guidance.

In addition to how to’s to help people with their tech post about tech news, and have been known to make something ridiculous once in a while.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the site.

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                        Omar Shah (That’s me 🙂 )

When I first released Modifyandroid into the websitesitesphere, I had no idea where I was heading.  But as the time past, Modifyandroid has skyrocketed into one of the famous site in all of Pakistan.

Here at Modifyandroid, I share everything I have learned. One of the ideology of my working is to be transparent.

I am a man who is passionate about technology.

Doing BS Software Engineering and a part time web developer.

I completed my primary education with Rangers Public School 2012, and  Secondary education with Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) College 2014.

Computers and technology have been my passion since I was a child. I started with full-time site-developing on the day I established Modifyandroid.

I am an average person who believes in we got one life to live. I know one thing for a fact is: Experience is more important than money, and lots of cars. Web developing helps me to live my passion.

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